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Rules & Regulations

  • In order to play YMCA membership is mandatory. If you are not member, you need to buy day pass (pay daily fee) from YMCA front desk.  Everyone coming to play need to check-in at the YMCA front desk.
  • We will be playing the 21-point game and these are the rules that will be followed:
  • All members and Guests who use any of the courts realize and accept that badminton is a vigorous sport and is possible to sustain injuries when playing. All Members and Guests play badminton at their own risk.
  • All members and Guests agree to the Waiver & Release consent.
  • All members are welcome to play regardless of their playing skills. Members are divided into 2 groupings to allow better skill-matched playing, convenience and to avoid over-crowding. Green is the Intermediate+ group and Blue is the Intermediate- group
  • All new members must start with Blue team and the club officers will decide if he/she can be moved to the Green team.
  • Guests (or non-club members) are allowed with prior consent from one of the officers when signing up for that day. It is up to the approving officer to decide on which day for the guest to play.
  • If any member ignores or violates the club rules and regulations, he/she may be removed from the club. If any other Rules issue arises, please consult with the Officers or the Rules Committee.
  • If a confirmed player does not show up on court for 20 mins ( for 1 hr 45 min session) and 30 mins for more than 2 hour session, automatically 1st standby person would become confirmed. There will not be any communication sent. Standby person should be present at the court to get confirmed spot. If more than one confirmed people show up late, the person who appears on court last would go on standby.

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