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  • Members are required to sign-up if they are planning to play on any of the scheduled session.
  • We should plan on not more than 6 players per court on any sessions so it's an enjoyable exercise!
  • If either group has less than 6 players sign up, players from other group are welcome to sign up after 5pm.
  • Any member who has signed up one evening session during weekdays, next session sign up time will start at 2pm instead of 6:30am.
  • All players are required to bring their own racquets and "feather"shuttlecocks to play.
  • Every players is required to provide at least one feather shuttlecock before he/she enters the court to play.
  • Players should rotate to give other players equal opportunity to play based on first in first out (FIFO).
  • All members are expected to behave with responsibility and be respectful of each other.
  • Please fold the net when putting them back to the bag as a courtesy for the players next day. Please also put away the practice shuttles in the badminton bag.

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