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The mission of Southern New Hampshire Badminton Club (SNHBC) is to promote the game of Badminton in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area by providing a platform for anyone who wants to enjoy the game, whether beginners or experts. We play at the YMCA of Greater Nashua .Timings may change every term. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the club. However, for the purpose of keeping the games interesting and having more fun, the players are divided into two groups based purely on skills. The two groups are given their own court times for play. Court time has also been allocated for the two groups to openly mix and play together on certain days. Please visit the "BOOKING" link for the current schedule.

Benefits of joining SNHBC:
Our goal is to only play and have fun. Badminton is a great game to keep you fit and at the same time has lots of fun. In addition, we provide a venue to participate tournaments, make new friends and socialize. As a club, we also get badminton equipment and accessories from different vendors at discounted rates.

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